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Tony Rockett Custom
Tony Rockett Custom guitars are completely hand made by Tony in his workshop in Holbury.

Tony uses traditional guitar making techniques, and the very highest quality guitar parts.

These days, the use of computer-controlled routers, known as CNCs, and other digitally controlled machinery is now almost universal, with even some relatively small builders now using them. These machines can cut out half-a-dozen bodies or necks to fractional millimetre accuracy in a matter of minutes. Blocks of wood are literally placed in the bed of the CNC, then digitally programmed cutters descend and cut out the shape, take out the wiring cavities, radius the edges and, in some cases, even carve the tops.

This, however, is not the case with a Tony Rockett Custom guitar..

Tony crafts his necks and bodies on good old-fashioned overhead routers and spindle moulders, before he hand finishes them on belt sanders. This is just how guitars were being made back in the 1950s.

 The product speaks for itself.

Tony believes that the human element matters a great deal when it comes to manufacturing musical instruments.

Many share his view that machine-produced instruments can be rather soulless.

The real plus point of the more traditional, hands-on methods of guitar making is that you have a genuine craftsman who develops an affinity for the products he is making.

And in the case of Tony, you have an experienced luthier who can make all kinds of guitar, basses, electric, acoustic... if you can dream it Tony will make it!

Tony does not use body blanks or ready made necks for his Custom guitars. The picture on the left shows Tony holding at least 10 potential guitar necks!

Replica Guitars

Also included in Tony's Custom range are his amazing replicas of world famous guitars. The picture above shows a Tony Rockett Custom replica of one of Francis Rossi's guitars (Status Quo).

If you can dare to dream it - Tony will build it!