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Customer Feedback
  Tone (Camden)  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2016/17)  
  (Rick Parfitt Replica)  
Hi Tony,

Just opened the box half hour ago and OMG! Not only does this guitar look absolutely fantastic, it feels even better than I thought it would. The build quality is amazing, it really does feel like a rock n roll Range Rover!

Tony you really are a talented man and I can't thank you enough for making this awesome guitar for me. I wish I'd bought one years ago.

Thank you once again for your time and effort. I really am blown away!

Best wishes, Tone.
  Mark (Bristol)  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 20115/16)  
  (Francis Rossi "Live Aid" Replica)  

The above Tony Rockett Custom Francis Rossi replica guitar was originally completed for a customer in Sweden (December 2015) who decided when Tony sent him the final build photographs prior to shipping that he didn't want it anymore. A Tony Rockett Custom guitar is normally built to the client's choice of fret size, neck profile etc, but in this case the original customer's brief was straight forward and he wanted everything the same as the original. As with all of Tony's replicas of this guitar, the body is Swamp Ash and has been fashioned from three different pieces of wood exactly as per Francis's guitar. The neck is a two piece maple neck (i.e. a separate maple finger board), with perfectly positioned and sized marker dots. Other details include dual-line Kluson tuners, nylon saddles on the bridge and a replica of the tailpiece Francis used prior to fitting the G&L.

We're pleased to be able to report that this amazing guitar now has a home, and has been bought by Mark, a massive Quo fan in Bristol. On receiving the guitar Mark sent Tony the following: "Guitar has arrived, you have made one man smile, what a fantastic guitar I love it! Cannot wait to plug in and take out gigging! Thank you once again, 1st class service and product. Really, really pleased!"


  Gordon D. (a.k.a. "quomanuk" on the Quo Message Board)
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2013)  
  (Rick Parfitt Schecter Replica)  
Dear Tony,

Where do I begin with the Schecter Replica??  This is a fantastic guitar!

When the guitar arrived and I opened the guitar case, the stunning Guitar was Shining like a star!! Breathtaking and lost for words. The Guitar look like million dollars!!!

The quality of the guitar is 1st class, the attention to detail is second to none.

The stunning finish of the body wood (American walnut) that sells it for me, that to me is very unusual (like Ash or alder wood act) and the weight of the guitar is very heavy (mind that is a very good thing, as it give lot's more sustain , believe it does , it really sings reminds me of Les Paul characteristics)

The fret board has a very lovely feel to it, and the action seems spot on (Fitted .14 to .56 tramlines)

Tuning pegs gold plated, they are very precise when tuning the guitar.

When plugged it in that's when the magic begins, i.e. the pickups of the guitar, the volume of the amp was set to about .10 .
clean sound the 1/4 pounder picks does the business it handle the bottom end , lovely when played clean .
And with distortion very clear and punchy, and the sustain when hitting open chords ( they seem to ring on for good while).

Value for money: Well, for a hand built guitar this got be 10/10!

Final word thank so much Tony rocket for making the ranges of guitar, I'm more than sure that previous costumers would think the same. And for keeping the cost down, where can we find hand made guitars with that amount of attention to detail ??

This will cherished as long as live!!!

  David (Glasgow)  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2011)  
  (Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt Replicas)  
Dear Tony,

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!!!!!, amazing, unbelievable!!

Open the cases and they just smack you in the face “full on” – unbelievable!!!!!

Truly amazing works of art.

A bundle of thanks aint enough. You must be so proud of customers reactions. Truly amazingly unbelievable guitars.

Take a bow to my standing ovation.


  Mat H. (Germany)  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2011)  

Hallo Tony,
Tuesday 5th July 2011 10:32, the postman rings. Big surprise after I got the message from you that you has shipped the Rossi Main Tele on Monday.

I opened carefully the box and there it was. My special Rossi Main Tele handmade by Tony. Yippee Yeah!

Like my first handmade Parfitt Main Tele it was a unique instrument, made by a guy who knows his business. When I plugged it to the amp I tried the different sound and I was just thrilled about everything. The guitar is perfect. Easy to play, original sound, perfect technic….

I showed it already to a lot of my friends and musicians and I can tell you most of them were jealous. I really appreciate the work you’ve done.

I just can tell everybody, if you are a Quo Fan and a musician (also if not) you have to have a Tony handmade (custom) guitar. Once you’ve played on it, you will never touch your Fender when playing Quo songs. I use the guitars also for non Quo songs, but believe me, just by listening of the recordings, you will recognize the Quo sounds.

I’m looking forward to order the Esquire and the Custom Walnut Parfitt Schecter Replica (nice looking).

I’m really looking forward to see you again, and also to get another handmade custom Guitar of your collection.
Warm Regards from Germany


  Mat H. (Germany)  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2010)  
Hallo Tony,
I just want to say "Thank you!". A Dream came through. I couldn't show how happy I am when we met at Wally's shop. Also my Fingers were cold and my respect to high too play in front of you guy's. Here in the hotel I play on a P.O.D. and can't stop playing. The guitar is just Great!!!

I will write my impression and experience down for your web page. For sure with our picture.

Many many thanks again. My best Xmas present ever. I will order the Rossi One and the Esquire pretty soon!
Have a good time
Warm regards

  Dave C. (Dorset)  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2010)  
Hello Tony.
You've done it again! This is the second guitar you've made me and this is as fantastic as the first!

The detail is brilliant, the set up and the tone are brilliant and when I hammered out the intro to Caroline I could have been playing Ricks own guitar because it's absolutely spot on!

Thank you so much. You had it made bang on time just like you said you would and I couldn't be more pleased.
Cheers again,
All the best,


    (Dave & Mat's hand made custom Parfitt guitars - not sure which is which!)
  Uwe (Germany)  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2009)  
Dear Tony,
I know, I'm standing in one row with all the customers before, who praise your very fine work in building guitars. After falling in love with the unpacked guitar, I heard her via amp (Peavey Classic 30) last Thursday at our rehearsal.

Technical perfect, both pu's are giving perfect sound, volume pots seems not to kill frequencies, and for my poor experiences, it seems to have more output than my tellies before.

The most important thing I hoped to get (and got) is the typical sound of a Telecaster. I am not talking about sh..-twang. I don't like to hear or read all this 'tele-twang'-goobledygook.

What I mean is a soothing, warm sound coming out of the instrument. It's that sound, that makes me able, to hear a Telecaster in several songs of several artists.

I'm sure that the work with all the special chosen wood, matched electric parts and following all the spec's of building a telecaster from the 60's, leads to this result.

I haven't had this sound at my '78' and '91' original standard Telecasters.

I'm sorry to tell you, that I won't have to buy a guitar any more, because now I've got what I was searching for. This guitar is great and I am really proud to own it.

My opinion is, that you, Tony, build better guitars than the company who invented them!

Thanks so much, best regards from southern Germany.

    Click here for picture of Uwe with his guitar!
  Dave C.  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2009)  
I don't know how to thank you enough for my guitar. I was expecting something pretty special by looking at your website , but when I picked up mine in your front room, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.
Its bloody more than special mate. Its off the scale.
When I got it home and played it, if anyone had seen the grin on my face, then they would have thought I'd escaped from somewhere.
It's perfect.
Thank you very, very much.
I will definitely be having the Parfitt one to go with it, so I'll order that in a few months like we said.

Thanks again mate.
Roll on the Parfitt one.
All the best.
  Alan G.  
(Finesse Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt Replicas 2009)
Hi Tony... Well what can I say?! Totally over the moon! I unpacked them and just sat looking at them together on the chair.

They were well worth the wait, and you can see the effort that goes into building them. I'm just amazed at the scratches dings that have all been replicated.

I can't thank you enough for building them, and if anyone ever asks for a Quo copy I know who I will send them too!

Thanks again Tony. Keep up the good work and hope you are all sorted after your hospital stay.

Many thanks from a well satisfied customer.
Yours AL.

  Gordon D.  
  (Finesse Rick Parfitt Replica 2009)  
Hi Tony a dream comes true!

Well for budget guitar, dare I say it, yes I will, it is fantastic!

I cannot believe the quality of the setup on the Parfitt`s Finesse copy for this money. At last a guitar to take heavy strings and low action and intonation spot on!

Sound wise a different sound from the Mexican Telecaster in good sense and one more thing to my ears seem a little more sustain with distortion.

Finally the look of the guitar is wonderful the nicks and bangs look so retro!!! My mates think I am bonkers wanting a guitar to look like that

On the final note I have a quo fan for 21 year now so this my 21st present lets rockkkkk!!!!

Once again thank you for all your hard work,


  Tony B  
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2009)  
Hi Tony

I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the Rick Parfitt 'Relic' guitar that you have built for me. I followed the complete build process with the pictures you had put on your website, however seeing the finished product 'for real' is something else. Like many other of your customers, I think I was mesmerized when I first set eyes on the guitar. It is awesome!!! I have now though plugged it in to my amp and have played it a few times and have found no problems with the setup. It was also wonderful meeting you in person at your home and sharing your many Quo anecdotes.

Once again thanks very much.

Tony B
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2008)  
Hi Tony its Mark from Cornwall again.

Have had the Rossi Tele for some 6 months now and am still as thrilled with it as when I first set eyes on the beauty in your lounge all those months ago! I said at the time that I would be saving for a hand built Parfitt relic and I'm glad to say the time has come to place an order if that's okay with you.

Please could you let me know if you can make me one and how much deposit you want and I will put a cheque in the post. best regards Mark

  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2008)  
  Click for more pictures of Gordon's guitar!  


The 'Rossi' Tele arrived safe and sound at 11am Monday the 20th of October.

Even though I had never seen any of your work. I drew enough confidence from the content of your website to order a custom Rossi replica and part with all the money, item unseen or heard.

I watched the progress through the photos on the site and I had every confidence the end product would be a class instrument. I was not really prepared for the reality…..

I opened the case and was taken aback by the appearance of the instrument. The finish and colouring of the neck and the body are nothing short of stunning! I must have sat looking at it for ten minutes admiring the wood grain through the finish and marvelling at your attention to detail before daring to actually place my unworthy paws on it!

The feel of the neck is second to none and the set up is perfect. I plugged it into the amp and the sound is fabulous. I own the Fender signature version of this guitar – fitted with the lace sensors – and have no complaints about it, but your creation is superior in every respect. The notes seem bright and clear whilst the natural sustain is more akin to a Gibson than an off the shelf Fender.

I cannot thank you enough for making this instrument for me. I hope you are as proud of your work as I will be to own it. The name on the headstock will draw comment and you must rest assured I will take pleasure in telling them of the craftsman who is Tony Rockett.

I hope we meet sometime. Keep putting the ‘Bogus’ dates on the site and if I can make it, I’ll drop in and see you.

You really are a legend in the making. All you need is a review in one of the mainstream mags. (Make sure you bump the prices up first though!)

Thanks again and best wishes for everything you do in the future.



  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2008)  
  Click for more pictures of David's guitar!  

Hi Tony,

Just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived safely on Tuesday afternoon. All intact and no delivery problems in the end (when they eventually found my house). It looks absolutely fantastic and the finish is superb. Now, my guitar playing is currently not that good, however I have a couple of friends who are very accomplished guitarists, and Fender users themselves. They were eager to try it out and both gave it a big thumbs up. “Fantastic set up” was the general opinion. Everyone has also remarked highly on the build and finish. “A piece of pure art” was one comment. So, a very big thank you Tony. Even when not being played, I feel that I am now the proud owner of an iconic part of my own 34 years (so far) of following Quo. Keep up the superb work!

Many thanks again,


  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2007/2008)  
  Click for more pictures of Kevin's guitar!  

Hi Tony from Kevin.

Guitar is a beauty mate, as soon as I opened the case I know the build quality and finish is exceptional.

The sound is fantastic, I am only a novice but I can tell by just strapping it on I have the real thing. I am chuffed to bits.

Keep the good work up!
Best wishes Kevin.

    Click here for picture of Kevin with some of his guitars!
  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2007)  
  Click for more pictures of Bob's guitar!  

I apologise for the delay in contacting you since I took delivery of the guitar but I have been extremely busy at work including a lot of overseas visits.

However I am pleased to say that I am now back home and having the time to acquaint myself with the lovely guitar that you have built for me.

Everyone who has seen the guitar comment without exception on the quality of the instrument and in particular the exceptional finish of the body made even better by the grain of the swamp ash. The neck is exactly the way I requested you to make it and feels really comfortable to play.

The sound of the guitar is also awesome whether it is played on a clean, blues or crunch channel with a nice level of natural sustain adding to the quality of the sound.

The bottom line is that I am absolutely chuffed to bits with this guitar and just wanted to thank you for the time and effort that you have obviously expended during the manufacturing process.

Keep up the good work and I am sure that you will have many more satisfied customers.

Best Regards,


  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2006)  
  Click for more pictures of Michael's guitar!  
Dear Tony,

After only telling you in my last mail, that I had just received the guitar, I now have the time to write you a few lines, hoping that my English is good enough and understandable...

I've received the Tele on Tuesday in perfect condition (I only had to lift the strings a little bit.) and I want to say thank you so much.

I played with my band that evening and after about an hour, I was asked if I could finally stop grinning like a Cheshire cat...

The guitar looks absolutely amazing, it has all the features of the original guitar and I think I really fell in love with that neck from the very first moment on I had my hands on it.

I really like the sound of this guitar, which is quite unique - a bit of a Tele, a bit of a Strat - as special as the guitar itself and I also like the guitar case as the icing on the cake.

I remember when I discovered your internet site ( which must now be more than one year ago ), the first mails and that letter which I wrote you by 'snail mail'.

I remember the doubts I think both of us had and I'm really happy that we could get through this and solve all the problems so this beautiful guitar now stands next to me.

So, thank you for your belief, thanks for building this Tele for me and thanks for the Christmas-card, too.

I wish you also merry Christmas and a happy New Year, personally and for your guitar business. I will keep on looking at your site from time to time, now as another satisfied customer

Very best regards,

    Click here for picture of Michael with his guitar!