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Tony's new Finesse range of guitar was launched in May 2007.

These guitars are still made by Tony, but for these instruments he makes use of part-made necks and part-made bodies. This allows Tony to produce quality guitars at a cheaper price.

Although the bodies have already been shaped, they still need to be routed by Tony (i.e. the cavities and neck pockets are cut by hand just as per the Custom models).

The above photographs show the first guitar produced by Tony for his new Finesse range (FTR00001). Tony picks up the story..

'I have always prided myself on the fact that Tony Rockett Custom means a totally hand crafted guitar, but this does often mean that my instruments are out of the price range for many of the younger, casual, or inexperienced, musicians out there.

Well that's now changed!

My new Finesse - or Standard - range of guitars will consist of instruments assembled and finished by me, but having made use of part-made bodies (*) and necks.

A whole range of pick-up and bridge options will be available, so customers will be able to select the hardware to fit their budget.


If you can dare to dream it - Tony will build it!
(*) Note: Although the Finesse bodies are delivered to Tony ready-shaped, he still cuts all the pickup routings etc, seals and applies the required finish.