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 Note: ALL prices are plus shipping

Tony Rockett Custom (Total Hand Built)
The price for a Total Hand Built Tony Rockett Custom Francis Rossi replica, is 1,390.00p.

This price is valid for any of Francis Rossi's three main guitars.

The updated version of his main guitar with Cool Rail neck pickup and GraphTech parts, is 1,420.00p.

The 'Live Aid' version of his main guitar is 1,190.00p.

The Rick Parfitt Main model is 1,200.00p. (see note below *)
* Parfitt Pickup Note: A couple of years ago Rick had the bridge pickup on his main guitar switched to a Lindy Fralin SP43. Please be advised that if you want your Rick Parfitt "Main Guitar"replica to also be fitted with one of these pickups then there will be an additional cost of 109 since Tony has to import these pickups from the USA.
The Rick Parfitt Rain/Hold Ya Back model is 1,190.00p.
The Rick Parfitt Schecter model is 1,660.00p.
( Hard case is included with all Total Hand Built Tony Rockett Custom guitars.)
( non refundable deposit of 450.00p required. )
Guitars are built to order. Please allow up to 6 months.
Some examples of my Total Hand Built Customs are on the website.

Payments can be made by Cheque, Cash, Paypal or Bank Transfers ( which will incur an added charge.)
Any other info required, please do not hesitate to contact me via email :-
Note: Tony has decided to discontinue the Quo replica guitars in his Finesse range
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