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Status Quo Replica Guitars
(Tony Rockett Custom Francis Rossi main guitar replica - 'As New')


(Tony Rockett Custom Rick Parfitt main guitar replica - 'Relic')


Tony produces amazingly accurate replicas of the famous Quo guitars in his Tony Rocket Custom range.

The three large guitars shown on this page are completely hand made Custom guitars and faithfully recreate the Quo guitars in every detail.

All three support hand made necks. One is a two piece maple neck, and two have curved veneer rosewood fingerboards. Note the correctly sized and spaced position markers (dots).


In each case the bodies have been hand made out of the appropriate wood (Swamp Ash for the reproduction of Francis's main guitar, and American 'baseball bat' Ash for Rick's and Francis's 'Down Down' guitar).

Even the cloth wiring and electronics is replicated just as it would have been back in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Parfitt model is a Tony Rockett Custom 'Relic' finish and was made as an exact copy of the real thing, with every last scratch and 'ding' replicated.

The Rossi 'Main' and 'Down Down' guitars are examples of a Tony Rockett Custom Quo replica finished 'As New'.

Use the links below to explore the world of Tony's Status Quo replica guitars, including the Real-time Replica pages where you can watch Tony as he builds the latest Custom Quo replicas in his workshop!

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Real-time Replicas
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(Tony Rockett Custom Francis Rossi 'Down Down' guitar replica - 'As New')
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