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 100% hand made replicas of the famous Quo guitars built just as the original ones were..

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Rossi Main - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi Main (as new) - Hand made by Tony Rockett Parfitt Main - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi 'Down Down' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi 'Whatever You Want' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Parfitt 'Rain' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Click here to see how Tony makes a Quo replica.. Converted 'Squires' Build your own! Ready made body & neck (ie a 'Kit') Fender Quo Signatures
Quo rock the Ark Royal!
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Although Tony has been hand crafting guitars for almost 30 years now, his interest in the famous Status Quo green and white guitars began when he decided to form his own Quo tribute band Bogus Quo.

All of the guitars used by the band were either hand made or restored by Tony (a.k.a. 'Francis Rossi' in Bogus).

As well as paying tribute to Tony's guitars, these pages also outline some of the other options available to any Quo guitar enthusiast. You may fancy converting an existing guitar, or building your own 'kit' guitar. And of course there are the fabulous Fender official signature guitars, which were introduced a number of years ago.

Finally, the biggest problem I had when I first tried to create a copy of the Quo guitars was finding decent pictures and information in magazines etc. I have since found out that so much of what gets written is nonsense and guesswork, written by people who know as little as I did! Comments made on Quo Internet forums in particular are often so misleading. Tony and I are very fortunate to have access to some terrific photographs, many of which I've reproduced in these pages. We are also able to get any questions answered by the people who know, and this, coupled with Tony's years of experience working with guitars originally built back in the 1950s and 1960s, allow these pages to present the definitive guide to Quo's guitars.

I hope you enjoy the site and find the information presented here useful. If anyone has attempted to build their own replica, or convert a guitar, send us a picture and we'll add it to these pages!

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