Bogus QuoKevin's Quo Collection!

 Kevin is currently the official #1 Rockett collector!


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Rossi Main - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi Main (as new) - Hand made by Tony Rockett Parfitt Main - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi 'Down Down' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi 'Whatever You Want' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Parfitt 'Rain' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Click here to see how Tony makes a Quo replica.. Converted 'Squires' Build your own! Ready made body & neck (ie a 'Kit') Fender Quo Signatures
  Kevin and his lovely wife Julie show off his Tony Rockett Quo guitar collection!  
Kevin and his Finesse collection! Francis "Main", Parfitt & "Down Down" "Together we can rock n' roll"!
Hi Tony, Kevin here.!
As you can see I'm very happy with all the guitars, the only real trouble is trying to make up my mind witch one to play first! I suppose in a lot of ways I'm still lucky to even be here, as you can see from one of the photos it's been a near thing a couple of times, Julies tried to kill me more then ones since I've had them home! By the way, talking about that, she would like to know when her Wendy house will be ready for her to move into! Many thanks again, you've done a lovely job on all of them.
All the best, and I'll speak to you soon about the next one I would like,... well just as soon as I've found the phone,.... Julie seems to have hidden it!
  Kevin's Custom Rossi Replica  
Kevin, its a beauty mate! Shown in grey tweed case... ... and with certificate!
  Kevin's Finesse Collection  
  "Down Down", "Rossi Main" & "Parfitt Main"  
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