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(last update 9th November 2013)
These 'Real-time Replica' pages have been added to the site to bring you updates and photographs of the latest custom made Quo replica guitars being built by Tony in his workshop in Holbury, near Southampton.

Tony Rockett Custom guitars are totally hand made, and literally begin life as a few pieces of carefully selected wood.

9th November 2013    
The following pictures were taken of the Tony Rockett Custom Rick Parfitt replica build for Gordon in Scotland (a.k.a. Quomanuk on the Quo message board). Just thought you might like to see these pictures mate!
5th June 2009    
First picture of Mark's neck!    
5th June 2009: Tony called to say he had just taken delivery of the most gorgeous piece of maple, good for at least 10 or 11 guitar necks he told me. Well, when I saw these pictures I just had to put them on the site! Tony Rockett Custom guitars do literally begin life as carefully selected pieces of wood. No CNC cutters here! Tony crafts his necks and bodies on good old-fashioned overhead routers and spindle moulders, before he hand finishes them on belt sanders. This is just how guitars were being made back in the 1950s. Every Tony Rockett Custom guitar really does have a soul of its own... fantastic stuff!
May 2009: Work now completed on Tony B's Rick Parfitt Custom replica guitar! Check out the great pictures below! Click here to read what Tony thinks of his new guitar!
  Rick Parfitt Custom Replica  
American 'Baseball Bat' Ash body    
    Early stages of the neck
    Template in position
Body has now been routed..


Close up of the back of Tony B's body. Note the distinctive grain pattern of the American Baseball bat Ash... .. and compare to the real thing! Tony has carefully selected the Ash so that the pattern on Tony B's guitar is almost identical to Rick's! Amazing stuff!
Above picture shows the front routings. The next two pictures show the body now in white primer, front.. ..and back.
The dark blue (not black!) undercoat is now in place.   Tony's body now has the white finish applied. Front above...
.. and the back. Tony's lined up with 4 other Parfitt replica bodies.. But only one is completely hand-made from American "Baseball Bat" Ash!
Basic shape of neck has now been cut...


.. and truss rod routing can be seen.


Truss rod is a "dual action" rod, which allows for flexing of the neck in both directions.
Truss rod is placed in its routing. Wood "plug" (known as a "fillet") is cut.. ..and is positioned.
  The truss rod is now securely in place, and the headstock has been "rough cut".  
Neck radius has now been cut. The rosewood veneer fingerboard is now ready to be cut.  
Veneer board is now on...


.. and ready to trim.


This end shot shows how Tony has recreated the curved veneer finger board just as per the original. Fantastic!
Fret slots have been cut and the position marker dot holes have been drilled.


The headstock is now shaped.



Pearl position marker dots have now been fitted. Note the size of the dots, and the spacing of the 12th fret dots. Again, these details are exact replicas of the real thing!
These next few pictures... .... show the neck carved... ... and sanded!
What a beauty! Neck has now been fretted. Neck is now complete...
.. and relic'd.   Tony Rockett Custom!
Tony B's body and scratch-plate has now been relic'd too...


... and is shown here along with three other Parfitt replicas!


A close up of Tony B's. All the famous marks have been replicated.... ... on the front...
... and on the back! Amazing stuff! Can't wait to see it once its all been put together. Watch this space!
The finished guitar in all its glory!    
Tony Rocket Custom! A nice shot of the back. All hardware has been carefully aged.
Certificate detailing full guitar specification. The finished guitar in its case all ready for collection. And this is what its all about, the real deal! "Rick No 1"
  Hope you like it Tony!  
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