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Rick's neck plate: SN 156101
Rick Parfitt is as famous for his white guitar as Francis is for his green one. Rick's is a 1965 model. The hardware is largely original, with the only exception being the bridge. The original 'ash-tray' bridge was quickly replaced by the badass to prevent Rick from cutting his hand while playing. It does also appear that the tuners have been replaced at some point as well.
Originally the guitar was a dark blue, and was then painted white. You can just about make out the original colour in the above close up of the top edge of the guitar where Rick has worn the finish away.

The neck supports a gorgeous curved rosewood fingerboard, with distinctive mother-of-pearl position dots (note the dot spacing at the 12th fret). Also note the dark colouring of the lacquer used on the neck, which is typical for guitars of this period.

The scratch plate is a white-black-white 3-ply. This has been covered by a black plastic film, which is being worn away by Rick's playing.

The bridge has 'grooves' (or channels) to locate each of the strings, and small screws at the back behind each peg facilitate intonation adjustment.

Early photographs of the guitar show no ferrules behind the bridge, and these appear to have been added around about 1981.

The black 'grip' on the volume control is simply a 'Lego' wheel!

Just as with the Rossi green guitar, Tony has made umpteen replicas of Rick's, and there are at least three I know of in use by Bogus. The guitar the band had with them at practice when I turned up with my camera is shown below.


This picture shows a close-up of curved finger boards Tony makes for his replica Parfitt guitars

Check out this link for some more great pictures of Rick's guitar.  
Note that Rick has had a copy made of his main guitar, which has been in use now for a number of years. This second guitar is preferred by Rick for some reason during 'Down Down' (see above picture). The two guitars can be seen side by side in the Quo guitar rack above. The copy is easily spotted by the lack of black/blue showing through and the smaller mark on the scratch plate.
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