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Tony Rockett Custom Rick Parfitt's Schecter
Both the 1982 and the End of the Road tours hold very special memories for me, and both were captured for all time on amazing VHS releases. In fact, I remember buying the NEC video before we even had a recorder at home to play it on!

Both concerts featured the storming 'Over the Edge' song from the Just Supposin' album, which along with Rain is one of my all time Quo favourites.

This song really stomps along, with a full-on vocal from Alan and absolutely pumping rhythm guitar and backing vocals from Rick.

But being a guitar nut, one other thing that also made this song very special was the guitar that Rick used on both of these tours for this song - the Schecter.

The gold hardware and scratch plate just looked incredible under the masses of lights. I would have given anything for a guitar like that! I can remember having a great position in front of Rick on the first night at Leicester De Montfort on the 84 tour, and just staring in awe at this amazing guitar when the Quo ripped into this song.

Fast forward 20 years and I get a phone call from Tony. 'You'll never guess what I've got on my work bench mate!'

It was Rick's Schecter.


The current owner had brought it in for a re-fret and a check over. He told Tony that Rick had asked to borrow it back again, and the guy wanted it set-up before he handed it back. Tony told me that he'd done a full re-fret and had had to clean up all of the electronics. This must have been sometime around 2004, and Tony told me that one day he was going to make a copy of that guitar....
Fast forward another bunch of years, to the May Bank holiday weekend 2011, and another phone call from Tony. 'Check your email mate, I've just sent you some pictures you might find interesting'....

It was Tony's replica of Rick's Schecter!

Tony told me he had started work on his version the 'Schecter' just after Christmas, fitting it in where he could between paying customer jobs. This is a completely hand-made Tony Rockett Custom replica guitar.

The body is a single piece of carefully selected walnut. It has a one-piece Rock Maple neck, fitted with a two-way truss rod encased behind a walnut skunk stripe.

The guitar is fitted with a gold coloured scratch plate and matching gold hardware throughout. The tuners are classic Klusons (also gold). Truss rod access is via the headstock, and the neck also supports a brass nut.

As for the pickups, well Tony told me that Schecter made their own pickups. Tony had had the pickups on his replica specially made for him in the USA as exact copies of the pickups that are on the original guitar. Tony explained that the pickups are known as 'Quarter Pounders' due to the size of the magnets. When I asked Tony how they sounded he said 'Stonking mate!'.

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