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Click to go to Jorgen Angel's photography site..

This page details another Custom replica of Francis Rossi's main green guitar.

This particular guitar was made during 2007/2008 following an order for a relic replica of the guitar in its 'Live Aid' configuration.

All marks on the guitar body and neck have been replicated exactly as they were at the time of the 1985 concert at Wembley Stadium.

This was long before Francis had the three Lace Sensor pickups and G&L bridge installed, and the guitar was still loaded with its original single coil pickups.

The guitar had of course already been modified, and had been fitted with a Gibson 'tune-o-matic' bridge and a fixed tailpiece. Click here for a full history of the famous Quo guitars.

The picture on the left is courtesy of Jorgen Angel, and shows Francis is 'full flight' during the mid-1970s. Its a great shot of 'Frames' guitar from this period. Jorgen is world famous for his photographs of the biggest names in rock, from the 1960's through to the present day. Click on the above link or the picture to visit his fantastic site!

Click here to see some great pictures of the guitar being built in Tony's workshop in Holbury, Southampton.
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