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  (Tony Rockett Custom built 2009)  
Dear Tony,
I know, I'm standing in one row with all the customers before, who praise your very fine work in building guitars. After falling in love with the unpacked guitar, I heard her via amp (Peavey Classic 30) last Thursday at our rehearsal.

Technical perfect, both pu's are giving perfect sound, volume pots seems not to kill frequencies, and for my poor experiences, it seems to have more output than my tellies before.

The most important thing I hoped to get (and got) is the typical sound of a Telecaster. I am not talking about sh..-twang. I don't like to hear or read all this 'tele-twang'-goobledygook.

What I mean is a soothing, warm sound coming out of the instrument. It's that sound, that makes me able, to hear a Telecaster in several songs of several artists.

I'm sure that the work with all the special chosen wood, matched electric parts and following all the spec's of building a telecaster from the 60's, leads to this result.

I haven't had this sound at my '78' and '91' original standard Telecasters.

I'm sorry to tell you, that I won't have to buy a guitar any more, because now I've got what I was searching for. This guitar is great and I am really proud to own it.

My opinion is, that you, Tony, build better guitars than the company who invented them!

Thanks so much, best regards from southern Germany.

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